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Missives From Peru

By Holy Weak | Release DateMarch 13, 2012

Between January and August 2011 Nate Berrian wrote what would become Missives from Peru while living and working at a small cafe in Cusco, Peru. Songs were composed in an apartment above the cafe on a classical guitar handmade by a local artisan living down the alley.

However, to think of this collection of songs as a "vacation" album of sorts or a musical diary of Peruvian experiences would be completely amiss. They are, instead, the thoughts and letters to those back home about life back home. They are observations that, perhaps, can only come from being removed from the places we call "home."

Missives from Peru uses the time abroad, apart, to ruminate on spirituality, war, friends, and personal frailty with an honesty that comes from songs that were only meant to be shared by a few close friends.

However, as Berrian's very personal outlet, Holy Weak, developed Missives into a fully realized album, the project came almost full circle. Many of the same friends the songs were written to, or inspired by, were able to take part in bringing the vision to our ears and our hearts. Thankfully it's a vision and an experience that we all can share. 


The cd comes in a handscreened and hand sewn sleeve.


The cassette includes a personalized message and original demos from Peru on Side B.


  1. HOPE! Or, a Mess of a World
  2. This is How We Live
  3. Missives From Peru
  4. For Your Freedoms
  5. Los Padres del Desierto
  6. Clothesline
  7. Bury Your Dead
  8. be NO THING

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