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"We got to get together"

Published Fri May 4, 2012
by Nathan Walker

Perhaps because I've been listening to The Staples Singers a lot lately where the title of this blog is a common occurance within any given song or perhaps because the events surrounding this year's May Day and those standing in solidarity with workers/immigrants/humans rights I've thinking more about the necessity of working together.  Seems like such a simple phrase,maybe even too simplistic because the simpleness belies a call that is all too uncommon. To offer our individual strengths and be honest in accepting the strengths of others in our weak areas sounds downright, well...communist. In the best way possible. The themes of being more and accomplishing more together than alone has renewed some excitement in our arts/music community this week as Boise Weekly did an article featuring Sunless Sea alongside friends in Barn Owl Records hightlighting the aim of our labels as a community rather than a marketing machine. You can read the article here.

I also had the opportunity to speak at Think Nampa First a local locally minded think tank on our local arts and music scene alongside artist Amanda Hamilton who was encouraging in her appeal to do whatever we can to work together, using competition only in the sense that we push each other to be better or truer but not accepting anything where we are not celebrating each other's sucesses. 

Check out their pages and work together.