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Website launch party/ Finally recovering from Treefort Music Fest

Published Tue Apr 3, 2012
by Nathan Walker

First off, thanks to everyone who came out to the website launch party- hopefully eating some of the fantastic cake my sister made for the occasion (pictured)was reward enough, but if not, maybe the semi-public thanks and the satisfaction that comes with being on the forefront of a growing trend will be. If not, the perhaps you really are too needy...but anyway...

Treefort Music Fest wrapped up it's inaugural camp-out perched high above the expectations of the collective SW Idaho music scene just over a week ago now. Though I've said elsewhere on the site that it was a huge success, from my perspective it really was. I'm very proud to have worked (personally), played (w/Aaron M. Brown & Mickey the Jump), and sponsored (Sunless Sea) such an inspiring community event. I've got plenty more thoughts on why this is important to us and what it means as a music community but maybe you should buy me a beverage and we'll discuss it sometime. For now, looking forward to next year and getting ready for Aaron Mark Brown's official release date of Realities of Grandeur on April 10th.